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Wanting to Buy : negotiable : 2 cheap Droids, for apps only, no phone service needed

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..Wanting to Buy - Bought!

..2 cheap Droids, for apps only, no phone service needed


Shipping Included?

Payment Options

..Fair: Device in fair shape and all original included items

Extra Included Items
..Battery and charger

Additional Information/Comments
Wi-Fi and droid v2.2.2 or better required. Readable 'candy bar' screen a must.
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Thanks, I also made a call to my cell provider store manager, and she has a couple that she said she could wipe it clean, clear some identification number and let me have for dirt cheap (old trade-ins). She said to give her a few days, so I'll see what happens.

The advantage is that I get to see what I'm getting, and it's local. I'll get back here in a few days if I don't like what she has.

If I do, I'll delete the post.

Either way, thanks for the response.

Take care,
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