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Help Watching online football on the HTC Desire HD

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Undoubtedly live footy. Managed to watch a whole game the other day on my phone. Really awesome.

Hi everyone, new to android phones but I know a site that isn't free but has excellent quality!
Go to www.liveonlinefooty.com and sign up!
I've been a member on this site for the past 4-5 years and it has never let me down. I paid about
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Methinks this troll has been fed enough now people
Not by a long shot and if you bothered to try out the site, you would be saying the same things as me but as you can't be asked to get up off your backside and actually try then I guess you're all stupid.

I can't believe you still watch stuff off Sopcast! The quality is useless to the extent that you can't see where the football is and what the scoreline is!

You're always going to disagree with me because you haven't tried paying
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You have a reference for that kingdave? I'd hoped it would be available, but hadn't hear anything official, or unofficial for that matter confirming it.

I don't. I was sure I had found a link a few months ago that said one was in the works but no definite release date, but Google isn't returning anything for it now.

I've tweeted Sky Sports but had no response and also tried contacting them via their website, but again, no response.

I find it really frustrating that these companies don't release apps for Android despite its massive user base, completely missing out on a large share of the market. Tesco are just as frustrating - they have an app for iOS, Symbian (is that the Ovi store?) and even one for Windows Phone 7 for Christ's sake! Yet if the latest market share stats are to be believed, Android beats all of them and postivley annihilates WP7!!
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Any updates on this, new apps etc?

According to the Sky forums, the Sky Go app (which will let you watch Sky Sports provided you have a subscription) should be released before the end of the year.

Sky are touting the usual crap of security concerns on the Android platform, but its more likely to be issues with the larger variety of handsets available compared with iOS.
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