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Root Weirdness with SD card and CWR...


Android Expert
Mar 11, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Ok so this happened about a week ago when I was messing around flashing some of the Kingdom 3.0 Lockscreen stuff while the devs were figuring it out.

I was getting FCs with the lockscreen and figured, ok no problem I have my Nandroids I will just wipe and go back to my latest one (that I did right before I flashed the lock screen). So I do the full wipe of everything (not SD card) and go to restore my back up. CWR says there are no backups found to restore. PANIC!!!

Luckily I still had the ROM I was using on my SD card so I just installed that. Once I got the phone back up and working I went into root explorer and sure enough all of the Nandroids I had in my ClockworkMod Backup folder were gone. So I thought ok that is weird, well let me flash some of my mods that I had set up on this ROM.

That is were the really weird stuff happened, go to flash a zip and I get the error that it isn't valid. Ok re-boot go check the file, sure enough it was still there, however the file size was 0 MB! So I go through my SD card and notice that some (not all) of my files had been corrupted and were now showing a file size of 0 MB.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this kind of thing happen before and what might have caused it. Again all I did before it happened was a normal full wipe, I didn't even touch anything involving the SD card. Also the thing that struck me as being the most weird was that it didn't effect all of my files on the SD card, just a few of them. All of my pics are fine and not ruined however it did corrupt all of the ebooks I had on there and a bunch of .zip files I had. I also found it weird that it completely delted all my Nandroid files but only corrupted the others.
Had the same thing happen when reflashing a ROM and for some reason it wouldn't boot. Was the same ROM I was already running.. Did numerous battery pulls and the best I could get was a FC on setup and anothet reboot. When I booted to hboot to get to recovery, my backups were all gone, as well as a handful of files.

Like you, all pics were fine, just some files mysteriously vanished.. not sure what happened, but I flashed a new ROM and got it fixed besides the files still missing.

The only thing I can think is that the original ROM I reflashed somehow became corrupted. I downloaded it a second time and all was fine.

Still a bit of a mystery to me..

Oh and forgot to mention, one of the files that disappeared was TiBu..
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