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Help Well tale of two city blocks in a prarie land.

Well seeing on how many screenshots I do take, after having my account locked out because of "Unusual activity" throughout the same isp I had for a number of years, I did everything I could mustard up on unlocking it, even logged into my comp on my firefox, Microsoft edge, erased the cookies et all. Meanwhile this afternoon it went to the regular notifications with a "Something went wrong" screen on underneath were you generally post it up, my question is when Meta is sitting in a large forest, waving its cold hard cash up to their model looks et all, How come the live chat support will not open up on here since it is "Meant to only Beta test throughout the USA." my mind automatically jumps to down here, makes me the bigge question is this.

Now tell me, am I going batty anyone else coming through the same problem, when their house is on the border line of three cities ?
We're all going batty.

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