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What are you listening to?

I was not listening to anything as of this morning, YouTube cut me off !

Been getting nags from them about turning off my adblocker and they finally got tired of me not letting them spam my searches and locked me out ....

When opening a video it was just a picture no audio or video ! ! !

I had to allow them to spam me in order to resume seeing videos ....

Bastids !
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For much of the day we leave a Music Choice New Age channel on as some background for our stressed and anxious rescue dog, Zoey. (It's just an endless loop, with a set songlist that just rotates and never changes (at least not that I can tell).)
I don't really mind NA music, and although it's not my favorite genre, I am familiar with many of the bigger names. Enya, who may be considered the queen of NA music, gets more play on the rolling list than any other NA artist. Yanni does pretty well, too. I feel for Pat Metheny, who has quite an amazing body of work (though he's mostly more jazz) and yet gets just one entry.

In any event, I usually don't pay much attention to who is on or what they've titled their tune, but I was surprised earlier today when I looked up to see the title and unexpected artist of this tune that I've heard countless times, so perhaps I may be forgiven for thinking that this tune was Enya's (if you listen to it, you'll understand my confusion):

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