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what if... questions about the market


Android Expert
Nov 3, 2009
what if you purchase an app and you loose/break your phone. do your purchases follow you to your new phone?

what if you uninstall a purchased app? can you re-download it for free later?

what if you get locked out of an app your purchased?

none of this has happened to me, just wanted to know.
Your purchases are tied to your email account that is used with your phone. If you get a new phone, and sign in with your email account that you used, they will show as purchased if already paid, and also if they did not automatically reinstall. If you uninstall a purchased app, it will also show up as 'purchased' in the market and you can download again at no cost. I have never been locked out of an app, not sure if that can happen. If you get a new phone and use another google address, you will have to purchase all those apps again.
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