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Help What is best email app for msExchange?


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Jul 10, 2012

Can anyone recommend a really good email app for business that uses ms Exchange (2007)? (i.e. Outlook (2010) on my PC...)

I have tried several apps and I hate them all. Part of the problem is that my Outlook emails are each routed into any one of a large number folders when they arrrive. So I need to see all my emails (particularly the unopened emails) when they arrive, irrespective of which folder they have been put into.

The Samsung default email app fails to show emails in multiple folders at once.

I hated K-9. The best so far is TouchDown - it can at least show emails that are located in multiple folders at once. But it fails to synchronise all folders reliably. i.e. you have to manually go each folder you are interested in an click "Click to sync this folder". (WTF!) And the interface is weird with 2 clicks to open an email instead of one. And it doesnt like doing pinch zooming on wider emails... I very nearly missed a crucial business meeting yesterday as a result of sync problems. Nightmare.

Any suggestions?

Hang the cost - I am getting desperate!



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