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What the bugs for 4.3 on a SIII?

my partner updated to 4.3 last week she did have a few problems then did a factory reset which seemed to resolve things.....however this morning she received another software download of around 24Mb just wondering what this is for nothing looks different anyone else received one since ungrading to 4.3
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Casarosa what where those few mistakes?

She has not had the phone that long so does not play around with all the settings that much, however the main problem on 4.3 was the battery drain which a lot of people mentioned but once we did the factory reset it was a lot better she keeps her WiFi on all day to receive e-mails and said the battery life is a lot better but what this additional samsung download is for maybe it solves the bugs we will see how the phone performs over the coming days
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And its faster or is a slower on a 4.3 as on a 4.1?

I'm on Bell and I received the 4.3 update last month. I was using 4.1.2 before. Overall, I feel that the 4.3 update improved my phone. It is smoother and fixed a few annoying things from previous versions.

The only issues I encountered with the 4.3 update was with the update process itself. Some of the settings seemed to have changed. For instance, the LED flash goes on when my alarm goes off. I had to rejoin contacts. My album covers were all gone. I also had to uninstall and reinstall a few apps. It took some time to get these corrected, but once it was done, my phone ran really well.

My advice is to set asside a few hours just in case you ran into some of these issues. You'll need to spend some time fixing them if you run into these issues. I think I may be one of the unlucky ones who had some issues with the update process, but I have no issues with the update itself. In the end, I felt it was worth the time and effort.
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For anyone wanting to get free wifi tethering back on their S3 after the 4.3 update, I can confirm that is mod works. Better yet, I can confirm that you can root, apply this mod, unroot, and still use Mobile Iron for work email, etc..


Thoughts some might find this info handy.. You can see my trials and tribulations getting this setup, but now I have full, native hotspot support with no need for FoxFi!

Hope this is helpful!


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