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What the?!?!?

Ok, been at work for the last 9'ish hours, phone had basically a full charge when I got here, and the last time I got an email notification an hour or so ago I swear my battery was at maybe 75%, not even close to half gone. Just got it out and the battery notification was up saying I had less than 5% left?!? checked usage and it's 32 idle, 30 voice calls (maybe 5 minutes talk time) and 24% standby, and this killed my battery this quickly? never had this before, yet another odd android quirk or has this happened to anyone else?
Same thing happened to my wife's phone three times actually. The first time I just thought she did not plug it in right the night before. Second time I though there was a problem so off to Verizon I went. They were alot of help "NOT" and said they needed it for a few hours to test the battery and charger. All fine and good but at the time I couldn't leave it so I went home and had customer service walk me through a hard re-set. The third time it happened while the phone was on the charger and I was able to get a replacement.

All three times it was acting the same way, showing 5% power until you plugged and unplugged it then it went to 50-60% and charged after that. There was no rhyme or reason to it and it didn't have extra apps running in the background. The killer was when it discharged while on the charger.
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Oh? just a thought, the new phone is using the same old battery and charger as the first phone with no issues for over a month now.

wow that's definitely bizarre, had she had the phone for awhile before this happened? I've had mine for about a month and a half, and it's been solid, some typical android quirks aside. been home for awhile now and it's still showing a full charge, I think I'll crank everything up and try to kill the battery and see what that does. I have a hunch that with my not running down the battery much the last week or so (like not even to half), the calibration is whacked, so I guess I'll find out when I see how much juice is actually left when I try to kill it..............
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My phone went to 5% on a couple of times without any use. I tried taking battery out and putting it back and the power was back.:) Same thing happened to my son the other day. Told him to try the battery removal and it then showed full power.:) Some type of glitch. Find that the more apps you put on the more likely to have glitches.:mad:
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Mine did this once (had it 3 mos.); I took it off the charger, drove for 45 mins. (not using the phone at all) and when I pulled it out, the LED was blinking red. Uh-oh. I had the charger, so I plugged it in for a couple mins. and it went back to 100%. I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't happen again.

I'm running stock with about 70 apps, but nothing new added near then.
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so I went about trying to kill my battery last night, turned on wifi/bluetooth, jacked the brightness all the way up, then just streamed as many long youtube videos as I could find, and finally gave up when I went to bed around 3:30, so about 3 hours of this, and it was at 20% when I docked it for the night. sooo, definitely a weird glitch, phone was obviously still pretty much fully charged when I got the notification, and the 10-15 minutes I had it plugged into my work computer didn't give it THAT much juice. dunno, it's been fine ever since, guess I'll just keep an eye on it and if it happens again I'll ignore the low battery notification and see what happens................
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