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What's for dinner ?

Lou Malnati's Pizza for Friday night dinner

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It takes a while to get use to Hexclad. We have an 8" & 12" fry pan and a 3 qt saucepan
I have a huge stock pot, a wok, a sauce pan, and an 8" skillet. My wife buy's me one for my birthday and Christmas each year. I'm not rich enough to buy a set. :p They are by far the best pans I've ever owned, and it isn't even close. There should be laws against these pans. :love:
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We were late getting home from the cabin so I grabbed some pork lo mein from a Chinese take out. I've been hungry for the meal even though it's not very healthy. It didn't really matter how high it was in sodium because I didn't much care for the taste and didn't eat very much of it. The meal once was on my favorite list. At least I'll not be wanting it again.
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I usually make fajitas out of cheap meat. That must have been divine.
It's usually left over chicken that becomes fajitas around here. When just feeding two, it doesn't take much meat to make fajitas. There was not enough prime rib for anything else but it was far too good to toss. I will admit it made some wonderful fajitas.
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Late lunch/dinner. Saw a Taco Bell TV ad for their new Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco w/ avocado verde salsa, so decided to try one. They are $2.99

The Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco was very good. It had large pieces chicken, lots of melted cheese with a jalapeno sauce. They also give you an avocado verde salsa packet, which I didn't think tasted that great.

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Dinner's one thing... but dessert is the icing on the cake! One of the best things I've purchased lately was an ice cream maker for our KitchenAid stand mixer. It does such an incredible job of making 2 quarts of silky smooth ice cream, I bought a second one as a ready spare!

So far I've made two batches of butter pecan; a batch of vanilla bean; a fresh strawberry ice cream that had us hearing angels singing; and my latest is this beautiful peach ice cream.

It only takes 20-30 minutes, and comes out of the ice cream maker a delightful soft-serve that goes into an airtight ice cream container. I put that in the deep freezer for a day or two, and it becomes this fantastic, scoopable hard pack that's just right.

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