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Help what's the best way to pay for apps?


May 17, 2011
I was under the impression that I could buy apps and the money would be deducted from my prepaid virgin mobile account, but I just went to download doggcatcher and it asked me for a credit card. I'm not really crazy about putting my credit card on my phone, so is there a more secure way to buy stuff?
Thanks for the help. I set up a google checkout account on my PC, which then allowed me to buy doggcatcher on my phone for $6.99. But I was also hit with a separate charge of $1.00. Anyone know what that's about? Google's pricing indicates that they charge 0.80% of the purchase price, but that would not amount to $1.00, so I don't know what's going on now.

This was from google's FAQ:
"Google Checkout service fees is 0.80% of the purchase price. Buyer or Seller can pay this fee, or it may be split between them."
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Ah, finally found it:

You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between our billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00.
When you check your bank account or credit card statement, payment authorizations are often listed as "pending." These transactions might remain in your account between 1-14 business days, depending on your card-issuing bank. Please keep in mind they are authorization requests only, not actual charges.
Authorizations can remain in your account anywhere from 24 hours up to 14 business days, depending on the bank. You may contact your bank to confirm the charge for your purchase with Google or to check on the authorization status."
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If you go to Walmart and get a Walmart money card(green dot VISA) it cost $3.00 to load it and $3.00 per month fee. It can be loaded elsewhere but you pay there fee for loading($4.00-$5.00). I only put what I think I'm going to spend on apps and such. Nobody can take whats not on it. Plus it keeps me from spending too much on the web.
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