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Whatsapp history backup files, day missing in between.


Dec 26, 2012
I have a question regarding the history auto backups whatsapp makes every night at 4-5 am. I have conditions thattroubles with the current phone I am using so I had to clear some data in the process. Now when I look at the whatsapp backup files to recover some messages it seems that I am missing a day in between. Let me explain: I see backups from 21/22/23/25/26 but for some reason 24 is missing. The problem is... I need exactly that backup since the 25 one does not contain any logs anymore after a data removal becuase of these phone issues. Since android is now being seen as a mtp device I cannot seem to get any file recovery utility to work to see if it has been deleted or never made at all.

Could someone enlighten me about this? Is it common for whatsapp to skip a day on some phones? I am wondering about this becuase my company phone did make a backup on this day. Are there condition that makes this possible such as the phone not being powered on at the time of these standard backups at night? I do know my kid has access to my phone so there could be a possibility that she removed it when hooked on my usb (she is almost 4 and likes to smash on the keyboard) in that case I am still looking for suggestions to file recover on a mtp device.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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