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Where are recorded alarm sounds stored in Android 13


Jun 16, 2012
The alarm feature on the Android 13 clock has added the excellent new feature to record sounds and use them as alarms. I'd like to use some of these alarms elsdewhere, but I can't find them.

The alarm shows as the day of the week and time of day that it was recorded, but I can find no corresponding file anywhere in my storage.

On exploring the "Alarm sound" screen, the alarm shows under "Sounds" ("Sunday at 01:50"), but is not in the "Ringtones" folder where all the other alarm sounds are to be found. The 3-dot menu reveals only a "Remove" option.

Can anybody tell me where these sound files are stored?

Screenshots below.


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Actually that is not a new alarm feature of Android 13 - rather it is a new feature of your manufacturer's app in Android 13. The platform is not that consistent, I'm afraid.

Since my phone (also Android 13) doesn't have it I can't investigate. But if it's a feature of that particular clock app it's possible that it is stored in the clock app's internal data. If it is then only that app will be able to access it. If you can't see it in your internal storage (a subfolder of the Android folder or a folder whose name suggests media, notifications, alarms etc) that would be my guess.
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