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Where are the VPN Settings???


Dec 15, 2009
Hey All,

Question for acer liquid owners, or anyone who knows the answer to this question. I just bought a Acer Liquid and I want to setup VPN settings to connect to my companies server for email access.

Now Android 1.6 is supposed to have VPN settings and found under
Settings -> Wireless Controls.

But on my Acer there are no VPN settings here or in the sub menus either. In application management I see there is a VPN package installed.

Does anyone know why there is no VPN access? Has Acer done something silly?

VPN's are often used within organizations to allow you to communicate private information securely over a public network.It is a tool that enables the secure transmission of data over untrusted networks such as the Internet.VPN server assigns the same IP to VPN client and client's gateway.We have tested with a client from Greenbow client.
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