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Which phone should I buy?


Jul 22, 2017
I'm in a real bind, and I'm a little stuck on which phone I should buy next.

Where I am right now is a note 3. The GPS has given up so I'm needing something for work soon.

I want my next phone to be as close to stock as possible, or easy to theme as possible with minimum bloat.

I also need to be able to root.

I liked the idea of the one plus 5, but returned it to the shop due to the jelly screen issue. Plus the camera was terrible and the screen input latency was very bad.

I've looked at the Samsung s8s and I don't like the position of the fingerprint reader and the susceptability to screen breaks concerns me.

I love the pixel, but it is too expensive per gig.

I liked the G3 too, but it is expensive for what it is here (older Snapdragon) in the UK and the Asian version cannot be rooted. Kicker as I would have bought that version in a heartbeat.

HTC U11 is nice, but lack of headphone jack is an instant no.

So where does that leave me.

Can anyone suggest a phone that can be skinned as close to vanilla android as possible with a good camera, good battery, good fingerprint reader, plenty of space, SD expandable preferred, rootable and most importantly at a price at or under 600 UK sterling?


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