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Help Why can't I use CC for UK apps?

Happen to be issued from Chase? They did that crap with me, except my charge went through and then the next day (a Sunday no less) I go to get gas, card's not working. I go inside hand the card to the cashier she runs it, I type my pin. She looks at the register, looks at me and then tries to cut the damn thing in half because the system says it's stolen!

Call Chase, get their automated "we need to verify who you are" system. Go through it all, and it says my card is fine now and then hangs up on me. I go back inside, avoid the crazy broad with the scissors and use the ATM, still doesn't work.. Call back. This time I decide not to enter my info and guess what?!! It recognizes me by my phone number so it STILL won't route me to a human. I had to go to my friends house call on his phone to talk to someone.. Only to hear them treat me like I'm an ingrate because I'm pissed they shut my card down for a .99 ****ing purchase to Paris!

The guy literally kept asking me why I wasn't thanking them for preventing fraud on my card! Sorry for the rant by the way hehe.. :D:eek:
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