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Help why do my pics in the 'favorites' widget look so pixelated?


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Mar 31, 2010
I have the "favorites" widget on my Inc and I upload the photos for each caller and the pic looks crappy and pixelated. Why?!

I've tried different size/resolutions for the sample pics that I'm using and still the picture looks grainy.

Any ideas?
I seem to have discovered a way of clearing the contact pictures up:

Tap the name of the contact you wish to repair in the favorites (or your big contact list), then go to the bottom of their info and tap Edit (Edit contact) so that you can change their phone number, address etc.

Next, tap the icon on the very most top left, it should be the photo you already selected, or the little camera icon if you have not yet set a photo for them.

Tap 'Photos', select the photo and crop to your liking. Save the photo, then scroll down and make sure that you save the changes to your contact at the bottom!

This should stop the pixelation, it seems as though there is a bug with using Photos app to 'set as' for a picture and the way it deals with resizing the picture to apply it to the contacts. It goes without saying that one should try to use a decent resolution image if you can help it, too.

Hope this helps!
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