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Help Why do only some pictures transfer from Samsung Galaxy S7 to laptop?

I'm trying to help my mother. We transferred photos via USB cord using File Explorer. Not all the photos on her Samsung Galaxy S7 phone showed in Explorer. For example, there were 16 photos she took on one day and only 9 showed in the phone's DCIM folder, yet we could see them on her phone. Several of the missing photos were taken within a few minutes of ones that did show in Explorer. I looked in both the camera and card folders.We finally sent the missing photos from her phone via email. I'm an Apple user and not sure how to fix this. My Mom is 80 years old and is anxious about not getting all her photos. Thanks!
At one time the DCIM folder was indeed the default, central location to store photos, but Android has devolved since that time and now some developers have opted to use any number of different folders to store photos in a phone. You're now likely to have a mix of different folders to check -- DCIM, Photos, Pics, images are used by most (but not all) image-relative apps, while a Downloads folder is often the default with web browser and text messaging apps.
Keep in mind that a photo manager app on her phone, like the Gallery or the Google Photos app, will display her entire photo library as one cohesive collection even though some photos are actually stored in different folders and locations.
I'd recommend you locate and clean up her collection of photos using a file manager app on her phone instead of trying to do the same thing remotely using your Mac. Samsung includes a basic file manager app on its devices, look in her Apps menu for the aptly named 'My Files' app. The My Files app has a nice user-friendly interface as its limited feature set is more than adequate for most users. Using an actual, native app on her phone to locate and rearrange things first might work out better. Then focus on transferring things to your Mac.
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Hey, to transfer all photos on your Samsung Galaxy S7 to laptop, my suggestion is Coolmuster Android Backup Manager. Its backup function can help you transfer all photos from your phone to the computer via USB cable directly. And it's free. And you can also use Dropbox, Bluetooth, etc. to help you do that. About the details, please search online. Hope this will be your help.
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