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Why I chose the Nexus One.

Heya! Obviously, I'm a new user, but, here's a little bit about me.

I'm a 19 year old student living in Texas. I'm a new android user, I own a Nexus One with AT&T as my carrier. I have been following android news since February, ever since I laid eyes on the Moto Backflip, in which I soon decided that an unlocked Nexus One would be a better choice, since I am chained to AT&T, might as well get a phone that works on AT&T 3G, but is not restricted with AT&T bloatware. I absolutely love it, and cannot wait till Froyo OTA updates roll out.

In the week that I have had my phone, I have found out that, surprisingly, not too many of my friends know much about this, "Android Bot". And some of them are die-hard Apple fans, and will defend the superiority of their iPhone whenever I so much as speak of how awesome this phone is. And still, some wonder "why I didn't just go out and buy an iPhone". Why? Because I want the freedom of Android, and I don't want to advocate Steve Jobs' arrogance and ignorance, and his closed policies in the smartphone market. I much prefer Google and it's open source and seemingly limitless platform and expanse of choices in hardware. And frankly, I believe that some, not all, android devices are superior to the iPhone, even with it's OS update, and rumored hardware upgrade. Though, correct me if I am wrong, I believe the point of Android is not to be 'superior' (though that always is a plus), but to be an open-source alternative in the smartphone market that promotes innovation. That's just my two cents in the debate of iPhone vs. Android.

Anyways, what a lengthy introduction.
As an android and computer geek, I hope to provide support and insight to new android users here at Android Forums, as well share my android life with fellow users.

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