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why is my Fire great on battery buy my other tablets suck?


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Jun 17, 2011
Owensboro, KY
by default my experience with Android and battery life is not so good. but that changed with my Kindle Fire. rooting it made it last even longer or at least i get as much as 12 hours of use with Wi-Fi on and the screen brightness set to 70. sound all the way up. but other tablets, my Coby MID7015 and Archos 28, suck. my last smartphone running CM7 and root eventually got so bad that it was lucky to last 4 hours with everything turned off! (i think it died in the end it's in my cabinet and won't turn on now) but i never understood the Fire's amazing battery life when it is a dual-core CPU and very powerful in comparison to the Kyros and Archos. the Archos is lucky to get a day's use with the screen normal and wifi off. with wifi on lucky if you get 3 hours of music playback. the Kyros with screen dim all the way, wifi off will manage 5 hours total. what is keeping the Fire going all the time no problem? bigger battery?
Probably bigger battery and probably more efficient at power management. Just because its a dual core CPU doesn't mean its more power hungry. When the device is not doing intensive tasks, it usually underclocks itself to save significantly on power consumption. Playing music my Galaxy Nexus runs at about 350 Mhz, even though it goes all the way to 1.2 Ghz in games.

The Coby probably just boils down to being a really cheap Android tablet (Coby isn't exactly what I would call top notch) and I'm not sure what's with the Archos.
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thanks, i was curious since the Kindles (including the non-Android E-ink models) seem to have quite impressive battery life, i was assuming my Fire being Android based would be a lot less but i've managed a whole book cover to cover, playing hours of Pinball Arcade and of course still had time left to root the device. so far the best one i have seen.
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