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Wildfire Screen wont turn on!


May 21, 2011
My wildfire was working fine and then all of the sudden all of the home buttons were lit up but the screen wont work!
Now the charger (both in the wall and via usb) wont recognise in the phone..
The phone will vibrate like it is turning on, but it wont!
hboot does not seem to work when I try pressing down volume key and power button..

Can anyone help with this problem?

This seems to be a common problem with the Wildfire. You can try a hard reset, which will wipe all of your data, but it might fix the problem.

Or you might need a new screen, which was what happened to me. Luckily as this is a common problem your local service center should have the parts. I had mine fixed under warranty in less than 24 hours.

Performing a factory reset using phone buttons

If you cannot turn on your phone or access the phone settings, you can still perform a factory reset by using the buttons on the phone.

  1. With the phone turned off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then briefly press the POWER button. Note: If you are not sure whether your phone's power is turned off, remove and then reinsert the battery.
  2. Wait for the screen with the three Android images to appear, and then release the VOLUME DOWN button.
  3. Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press POWER.
  4. Press VOLUME UP to start the factory reset.
HTC Wildfire - Restarting or factory resetting your phone
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