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Will Gmail IMAP use less battery than POP-manual?


Oct 29, 2009

I currently have my Gmail account set up ofr POP and I manually check it. My question is this, if I change it to IMAP, will I experience "more battery" drain than this damn thing already has, or will it be more efficient than manual POP, or even auto POP retrieval?

Any iformation and experience with this set up would be greatly appreciated. Even after the ROM update , turning off auto-synch background data, and the usual stuff turned "OFF" I am still getting sub-par battery life considering my usage and seriously "lack of extra apps".


Well first: What do you consider sub=par battery life?

Secondly: You shouldn't notice much difference in any between IMAP and POP on battery life. What makes a difference is the frequency with which you check your accounts. So manual will use less battery if you actually check less but if you set it check once an hour you will get better battery life than if you set it to manual and hit the button every fifteen minutes. The protocol shouldn't make any difference at all.
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I have it set to manual and POP. I have read that turning on auto-synch will eat my battery. i get about 8-9 hrs with minimal use and I have GPS, WiFi off and I am on my thrid device. I really don't understand the "lucky 20 or so" on these forums who get over 1 days use with heavy usage. Just wondering if I should turn on Auto-Synch as I have heard it will drain the battery faster. Is this incorrect?
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There is really a lot more to this than can be addressed with the little information given. However there is a great sticky at the top of this forum that should help you get better battery life.


Also if you have a low signal, like I do working in a basement, and leave your phone on it will drain the battery looking for a signal. Just a thought...
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