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Will you still come here after the EVO 4g is launched?

Well I don't plan on picking one up on launch date as I want to see people's impressions of the device first to make sure there is not some huge flaw. Also will probably around from time to time to read about apps and hacks or whatever for the EVO. But I won't be checking the site multiple times a day after a week or two after launch.
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I will come here after I get it in July while getting used to Android and seeing what I can do with this thing. I'm sure after a few months i'll fade away until something big happens (new OS, etc..).

I seem to just cycle through forums based on what i'm really interested at that time. BBQ, New Mustang, Android Forum, Satellites, Sports, etc..
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Being an Android rube, I'll continue to browse the forums and ask the occasional question, hoping to learn some tips or tricks, or become acquianted with some features I was unaware of. I'll also want to keep abreast with the latest hacks and apps, with special emphasis on EVO-to-PC and EVO-to-nonEVO(smartphone) video chat.
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I'll be back. Lots of info, laughs, and usual sniping found here. That said, I will shift a majority of my time on the site via my Evo. Once I master the text to speech, posting here and everywhere else is really going to be a blast.

I can just see me trying to do that... add the road rage... and it will look like a bunch of garbled curse words :D
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Depends how it works out here. I learned about PalmOS tweaks on TreoCentral but didn't participate much. I was all over PPCGeeks through my time using a Mogul and Touch Pro. I participated heavily in PreCentral during the time leading up to the Pre launch and then for maybe the first 4-6 months I had it. After a while I felt like there wasn't a ton left to learn there and it turned more into just chatting about the phone and its issues. I still referred to there to learn how to install a few things but once I got Preware installed, I pretty much just browsed that for new apps, patches, and themes. I think after a point I stopped caring about the Pre since it didn't look like a platform I was going to stick with. I still check in every so often to read the front page but I never post on the forums anymore.

If this forum stays informative and helpful I will stick around. If it turns into bitchfest or fanboy central I will probably not stick around. Not making any judgments because there's nothing wrong with a more social forum. I just don't find as much of a need to just chat about phones once I already have them and have learned my way around them. If the tweaks, tips, and tricks keep coming then so will I. Otherwise I will probably end up just hitting the front page for big news.
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