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Wish To Send Photos To SD Card Pictures Folder But I'm Lost!


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May 20, 2016
Hi All!
I apologize if this is somewhere on the forum, but the Search results page comes up blank. On the web, I've found nothing.

What I am trying to accomplish is to get the photos taken with the Moto G Stylus using Android 10 to go to the SD card's "Pictures" folder. Currently the best I can do is (accidentally) get them to SD - DCIM - Camera.

The very first time I tried to pick the Save location, this happened:
1) Open the Camera
2) Tap the Gear Icon
3) Pick "Save - Settings - Storage"
4) Tap SD Card
5) Tap "Use This Folder"
6) Picked the SD card's Pictures folder
7) Pop Up asked "Allow camera to access files in Pictures?"
8) Tapped "Allow"
9) Setting closed itself
10) Camera's viewfinder had a message: "Select Root Folder" & it closed itself quickly.
11) Photos go to Phone - DCIM - Camera.

Next, I tried:
1) Open the Camera
2) Tap the Gear Icon
3) Pick "Save Settings - Storage"
4) Tap "SD Card"
5) Tapped the "Use This Folder" at the very bottom of the screen.
5) Photos now go to SD - DCIM - Camera

When I tap the Gear & pick between SD and Phone, nothing else opens, like it did the first time.
I can't even get to where one picks a folder. I must have goofed things up terribly since I can't
now access where to pick storage.

How can I get the photos to go to SD - Pictures folder, or is this not an option?
Did I mess things up beyond repair?

Thanks for helping! I sure appreciate the sharing of knowledge.

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Thank You Steiny189 for taking time to reply with a good suggestion & instructions.
I tried it and then went to the camera's settings & told it to use SD - Pictures. Again I got the message "Select Root Folder" . It stayed on Phone storage. I went back & re-picked SD, but did not choose Pictures. I chose the bottom "Use this folder". Now they again go to SD -DCIM -Camera.

It seems that there is no way to have the camera send photos to Pictures folder either on SD or Internal Storage. I wonder what the Pictures folders are used for?
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I have noticed this same thing, and had the same questions, when I first began my Android adventures.

What I have found is that the 'Pictures' folder is used by other apps, like when you are in an app and see a photo you like so you choose 'save to gallery'.

Pictures is the folder that these photos will be stored into.

A screenshot of Pictures in my File Manager shows multiple apps that will use this folder.


On another note, if you are in the habit of moving or deleting photos after you save them, then you might think twice about saving them directly to your SD card first.

The lifespan of an SD card is measured in read/write cycles, so storing things onto the internal memory first and then placing them where desired (or deleting them) will increase the longevity of your SD card.
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Thank You Puppykickr for explaining what the Pictures folder is used for.

I checked File Manager, as you illustrated. It revealed that Screen Shots are going here on my phone.

Thanks, too, for your advice about Read-Write cycles shortening the life of the SD card. I do tend to put photos on my computer and delete them from the phone, so I'll take your advice.

Thanks Again to everyone who took time to help and share good information.

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