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Help words with friends game, frozen, been up for 15 days without a move


May 18, 2011
pretty much says it in the title. a friend and i started a game, played literally two moves and then it stopped working. says she played a word and then when i click on our game it says she hasnt gone yet. i cant resign and i cant send a word or swap letters. she cant do anything either. it says i cant resign cuz its not my turn. i know that if its a random opponent game and they dont move in a reasonable amount of time they will automatically be resigned and removed from the list...ugh, what do i do? its been 15 days now without a move. this is really annoying.
One of my Word Trick games is frozen up and this is first time I have played with her. Can't get in to leave her a message, and I do not know her. Is there any way I can contact her in the game, because she left me a message. I just don't want her to think I am blowing her off. Emailed Support team and they haven't helped at all. If I delete the app and then put it back, won't her info be lost?
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