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Worse than black screen - any input or solutions??


May 25, 2017
This is so frustrating. Hope someone can offer a solution.

Out of nowhere and for no reason (did not drop device or anything) my phone (screen not LED) starting flashing uncontrollably for a minute or two. There was nothing I could do to stop it until finally the screen when dark green - not quite like black screen, more pixelated and odd. But dark screen nonetheless. At first LED were still on and now nothing. Screen went black, it still seems to charge (based on charging sound, no LED light) and it switches sometimes between black screen and that dark green screen.

I tried everything. All the tricks in the book with holding volume up + power button, volume down + power button, plugging in usb, home button with same combos, nothing works.

Any ideas..? I am currently oversees and not in the country where I bought the phone to walk back into the shop... Please help.

Right now my best bet is to not charge it, let it die and plug it in tomorrow am and see if it reboots. That seems like a longshot though.

Thanks for any input...
I've nothing better to offer than what you suggest.

If the screen remains off when you try to boot into other modes, and indeed the splash screen doesn't come up when you first power on, then it sounds like a hardware problem rather than software (because you aren't running Android when you first power on, or in bootloader or recovery, so it's not just something in the Android software, apps or settings).
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