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Isn't ginger bread suppose to play youtube videos on the browser just like in pc without going to a separate application or a different screen?

I recently got an update for the flash player and now theres a flash player icon in the app list.

when i play youtoube videos it goes either to the youtube application or a different screen instead of playing it on the browser page. Is this normal or do you think something is messed up by the update?
One thing you could try:
Go to

Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All

and scroll to YouTube and tap it. Can you press the 'Clear Defaults' button? If you can try hitting it and then trying to watch a YouTube video.

Another thing you could try is typing About:useragent in the browser address bar and telling the phone to use Desktop as the useragent. Then try watching the video after changing this setting. The YouTube site should look like it does on a PC.

Tell us how it went!

FYI, I don't have a Flash icon in my app list. But then, I haven't updated to the most recent version of Flash as all websites seem to work.
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