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Z4 Octa core shutting down

paul stung

Feb 26, 2016
Good morning all, I have just purchased the Z4 Android tv box, NPET, Android 5.1 with the RK3368 octa core Cortex A53, 64bit. I'm using it just in the bedroom as a basic media player for YouTube and movie/series streaming, and to get my head around Koidi, but on the first night it shut down after about 2 hours, and would only switch back on with the main power button. I booted it back up, and all I know is it was off, by the time I woke up, the following morning.

Last night was pretty much the same, after 2 hours it went off, so I initially thought it might be something in the settings, so I went through everything only to find only the 1 option to go into standby after whatever time you had set it too, and that was already set to " Never " So I rebooted but after only a few minutes it shut down again, I went through this several times before giving up.

Also, every time I watched an episode of a tv series it was all fine, but if I clicked the " Next episode " button, it would play, but with no sound, and if I wanted it to play, I would have to close the window, re open and start again, this was in the basic installed browser, and the Chrome app, I installed.

Has anyone got any suggestions, or fixes ? I've checked and reapplied, the thermal paste, and placed a 120mm fan bellow, both in the push and pull direction, in case of over heating, as the octa cores are pretty well known, for that, well at least in mobile phones, at a guess the tv boxes wouldn't be much different in that respect. Other than that i'm out of ideas, thank you for reading.


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