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Help ZTE ZMAX Pro (MetroPCS) unlock help/clarification


Jun 26, 2017
Okay, so i bought this phone used from a friend who used it with MetroPCS, and my plan was to transfer the Device its self onto a service I already use... keeping my same phone number (Safelink which is a partner of Tracfone) Following safelinks instructions, I purchased a T-Mobile compatible SIM card from tracfone, but when reading MetroPCS unlocking policy, it seems ill have to wait until the phone has had 90 days continuous service... am i understanding that policy correctly? So the new SIM will not work until the 90 days are up and I can use the Device unlock app, or call them... my next question... my friend had the phone active 60 days as of July 6th, but does it restart since I am a different owner? And if so, can I just keep them under the impression that she is the owner until the 90 Are up? She did give me the account billing pin... Any help/clailrification is greatly appreciated... I didn't want to call them and ask, just to be told I have to start the 90 days over as the new owner... thank you for the help.
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