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  • Oh! I understand now, you are having trouble with the WonderMedia WM8650 Android tablet.

    I had some issues with my tablet trying to connect to WiFi and what I did was reboot the tablet. I simply turned it off, then turned it back on and the WiFi scanned and connected to networks just as before. My tablet is rooted so our problems may be a bit different.

    If you ever need help with this tablet again, try visiting this forum WonderMedia WM8650 - Android Forums
    The forum that you were visiting and posting to was for a different device. If you need any other help, I am happy to reply to any messages that you send to me here too.
    I'm sorry but I am not sure exactly what it is that you are talking about. Do you have a link to the thread which I talked about my WiFi issue so I can better help you?
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