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  • Hi, as a moderator here, I wanted to ask you a question. Can we get a section/category for smartwatches? In particular, for different models, makers. Seems to be a logical progression, we have forums for all differnt phones, tablets etc. Thanks for your time.
    I posted a thread showing the root guide which has a link of my sites root guide.Why is it wrong I am only telling them a guide with detailed pictures.I cant waste alot of time on writing it and upload pictures.

    But still, Thanks for informing me:)
    hows it goin. i had a post that said it was too be moderated but it never made it to the LG Optimus Showtime board. The title started out DETAILED... it was more than a week ago. just wondered if it could be released so it can get some views. thanks
    can any one help me ????? please ..... I have a proscan plt7044k android tablet that is locked and asking for a google account password and i dont remember anything about it never thought i would need it to log in to my tablet .... i set the dot pattern to lock it and my kids got ahold of it and entered the wrong code to many times now it wants the google account and i dont know it .... if u could just tell me how to make it go back to the dot pattern i can unlock it but im at a loss and none seems to be able to help me so please PLEASE help
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