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  • Hi I have "intex aqua y2 1gb" with 4.4.2 KitKat I have already rooted my phone with kingroot now I need CWM recovery and custom rom can you help me for that. I will upload the details of phone, kernel ,stock recovery and Full Original Rom with upgrade tool kit. waiting for your reply. And also let me know where to upload this files.

    Thanks in Advance
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    I'm just writing to thank you for that great post "You've went and rooted the phone. Now What???" I'm new to all of this though interested for years, very frustrated about the un-removable garbage-ware put on phones by the carriers to "help" us have "a better experience."

    I intend to try to root a Huawei Valiant (using Impactor) from MetroPCS, I've already escaped MetroPCS, changed the SIM and using Lycamobile pay as you go -- this is my "Toss in the bike bag" or "Throw in your jeans pocket" phone, not my "Sunday Going To Meeting" phone, which is an LG F6, still on MetroPCS, a phone that I'd love to root also, but one thing at a time, right?

    Anyways. Thank you for helping us all.

    Austin Texas
    can any one help me ????? please ..... I have a proscan plt7044k android tablet that is locked and asking for a google account password and i dont remember anything about it never thought i would need it to log in to my tablet .... i set the dot pattern to lock it and my kids got ahold of it and entered the wrong code to many times now it wants the google account and i dont know it .... if u could just tell me how to make it go back to the dot pattern i can unlock it but im at a loss and none seems to be able to help me so please PLEASE help
    hey argedion hope you are doing well,
    sometimes my phone becomes short of RAM and terminates some of apps that i dont want to be stopped like multiscreen wallpapers and battery% , is there any app in which i can set my own priorities which apps should stopped and which dont !!!
    Hey Argedion, I had posted about my Evo freezing up and not letting me update or flash it back to the original rom. I have been add it for a week now and nothing has come of it. I was wondering if I sent you the phone if you could take a look at it and possibly get it back to its "stock" state?
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