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    Whats that awful smell!!? :mad:

    It is comming from your side of the forums! :mad:

    Explain yourself!

    Hello B2L,

    Thanks for your help!:)

    I've been told:

    "Phone OFF.
    Press Volume UP and POWER button at the same time - To get into bootloader.

    Press Volume DOWN button twice - to select recovery.
    Press POWER button to select Clockwork.

    If it has Clockwork and seller is on a stock rom then its definitely fixable."

    Seller says its stock, but I'm not sure he knows what that really means. Is there a way I can tell by looking on the phone or the About screen?

    I've read:

    On the Nexus, when flashing a rom it converts your filesystem to deodex which breaks WIFI until you flash a kernel which will fix it. Its just a kernel error, putting the phone back to stock will fix it.

    I don't mind the hassle of getting the phone to work properly. What I need is a reasonable level of confidence that it can actually work.

    Are you able to comment on any of this?

    Thank you in advance!:)
    Hey bro I was wondering if you could help me out I got a replacement for my DX and it came with stock. 596 do you know what the best method to get me to the rooted .596 would be? Or if you can't help can you point me to someone who can?
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