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  • Ringtones: Personally I use only stock ringtones. Just not a big deal to me.
    Texting pictures: Sounds like the problem might be on THEIR end.
    SD card: Don't have an answer for you. Could be a bad card? Seems I read there were some about.
    Pictures: The camera is 'just ok'. I get best pictures WITHOUT the flash on. Have to have decent lighting. I use AUTO most of the time but some say they get good pics with Steady Shot. Have you tried video? It's awesome.

    For questions I didn't help much with, check out the Tips section. there's a wealth of knowledge in there. Or ask those questions in there or the Troubleshoot section.

    I know enough about the phone to be dangerous ;). I talk a good game though :)
    Hi there,
    You seem to know quite a bit about this phone...any chance you'd have the time to help me with a few questions?

    Ringtones: How do you just have a phone ring (preferably from a music file) & have everything else quiet.
    Text: Cannot text pics (no, they're not blocking me) to 1 person, everyone else is fine.
    SD card: Seems to unmount every time I hook it up to computer when I want to download media to it. What do I do about that? Hence why I have no media yet :)
    Pictures: Aren
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