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    Ive rooted my phone sucessfullywith the interceptrootapk... It was super easy. It also came with the option to install CM01 recovery. which I did. The only problem is now I want to do a Nandroid backup. But there is no such option in the backup menu . I want to install a custom ROM but I wanna backup first
    Hello cabbie. I have also messaged Steven58 this.. I know u guys have to be super busy. I pretty much have all software saved to pc, just kinda need a walkthrough...if possible
    Hi Cabbie,
    Have you tried rooting your Color Nook? If so: are you glad you did? Was it painful to do? Do you tether it? Is it make a good reader / browsing device?

    I believe the Xoom, and iPad are to large, and too spendy.

    Hi Cabbie,

    My name is Kamarul Hashim. I am a PhD student from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), NZ. My research is about understanding what motivates people to continuously contribute their knowledge using online community. I would love to invite you to participate in my online focus group session. you can browse the following link (ONLINE FOCUS GROUP) to get some information on what i'm doing. thank you.

    Hey - I remember a post you had a while back stating that you were going to get the EVO unlocked, and waive the data plan in favor of wi-fi hotspots.

    Have you been successful with this? I want to do the same thing but I don't know if spring will register an unlocked EVO that I get off of ebay :\
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