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  • hi,sorry to ask you for help,i was having issues with my htc sensation that was not reading my sd card after downloading music,and now i lost music+photos! idk what to do i read forums and ppl say that cause they updated the version,they didnt update the sc cards so thats the problem..but im not sure...please&thankyou:)
    3.3.1 fixed it! I uninstalled the app it had previously installed on both the phone and the laptop, and did it all again, but this time with 3.3.1, and all is good. Now if i can just get the SU permissions request to stop asking everytime i open a "root only app", this is very weird, didn't do that on the hero...everytime i open it, not just the first time, and I do say remember... lol fun stuff
    HBOOT 2.02, i get a message that it failed, and asks me if i am running a firware that is too new? It does say s-off now, so I am stumped...posted in the evo root for dummies thread
    Hey ccapasso , I'm looking at the guide you posted about rooting and I"m trying unroot so I can re-flash my phone. I got errors these errors and and a OMADM after trying to update my prl. I'm getting a error 170 usb connection error in relation to unrooting, even though I can see my phone as a hard drive on the pc. Any ideas on what I could do? Thanks!!!
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