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  • Hey...since you apparently have the Nexus ( I'm envious :) ), I was wondering if you could do me a favor. GO ot the market and download current widget. Add the widget to a home screen, and tell me if it has a current output, or if it just has nothing. I am trying to determine if the Nexus has the hardware for reading current out of the battery.

    The sales associate activated it onsite. No problems at all. I was surfing and checking voicemail on it at least 45 minutes before i got to pay for it. The only problem he encountered was ringing it up so i could pay for it. Not sure what he did but it took him several tries. I got the impression that the SKU wasn't in the computer. He didnt even know he price and had to call the Manager to find out.
    Hey my non corp store is going to sell me one on Monday. How did you activate it with out the Verizon telling them not to sell it? did you just take the box and activate it at home?
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