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  • Whew! man yep that would explain the realistic appearance!. i think i'm going to introduce YOU over in "The Undead Den". They are "looking for new bluud"!
    hey mate, mind explaining the advantages of launcher pro? I installed both launcher pro and ADW and wanna make most of it.. plz tell me what are the advantages of launcher pro? cuz i can only see it increases the smoothness of the menu and homescreen and add more cool widgets, is that it? isnt there any option to scroll menu to side ways? or arrange the icons according to 'date created' in menu instead of alphabetical order? also no option to add wallpaper in menu or apply any theme?
    ADW has got these options but is not as smooth as the pro launcher?
    I heard u saying the PL is better than ADW, how exactly? and which version are u using?
    jus wanna know what is the rite app to use :)
    thanx :)
    friends i am working on a project that includes some editing in android
    can anyone please tell me that is it possible to edit Android source code
    i want to edit its SIM Card access.
    please if anyone can help do reply me as soon as possible
    my email id is
    please this is a very critical stage for me
    i would really appreciate your help
    Salman Ali
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