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  • I came to let you know Velocity 1.2.2 downloads are broken, too. My old phone died so I'm using my sister's old Ally and really want to try Velocity, but all I could find was Stormdroid 2.0 :\
    Sorry to bug again, but since I cant post my issue cuz Ima nub, I'd go straight to the all powerful Mr. Wizard. My Bionic has issues when I try to connect it to the PC. It connecting and disconnecting 5 times a second it seems. I try holding the miniusb plug in, nothing.Sometimes it works, for a short bit. It charges fine but only has that issue when its connected to the PC. Any ideas what I can do. Im trying to put in ICS but cant move the folders I need/files.
    I like the OEM Motorola Extended battery because it doesn't add as much to the profile as others and lasts just as long or longer. you can also pick them up @ half price @ the Verizon online store. Set Your Location
    Hey I seen your poll vote on the threat about aftermarket batteries for the bionic... Im looking for a good aftermarket myself... could you tell me which one you got since yours lasts as long as it should? thanks you very much
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