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  • @Peeam sent you a PM

    @ currently on beta 5, but that has had big problems, a few beta 1 bugs returned beta 6 will be released soon, with almost all key features working, main problems are some codecs so videos dont play and camera has no preview (so it shows a black screen on camera but takes pics) and native USB and wireless tethers do not work, however alternative teather apps do work.
    Delsus- I saw your offer of help on the forum. I have posted a new thread on the LG GT450-all things root forum. Please help.

    I goofed up in trying to roll back Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Swiftdroid) CM 7.1 to stock. I used KDZ updater and got up to "Smart : wParam = 205, lParam = 215". Then the it stops and the phone tries to reboot and is no longer recognized by windows vista. The phone scree shows:

    Arm11 is Crashed !!
    [Press Volume down
    Linux Kernel Panic
    Process init(pid: 1)
    There are multiple lines after that which fill rest of the screen. I guess I can take a photo and post it if required.

    I can get the phone back in Download Mode, reinstall drivers and start KDZ again. Each time it stops at the same point.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I would love to continue using the phone. THANKS !
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