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  • hello i have an htc inspire 4g with gingerbread. i want to root and i have no idea what i am doing at all i am real new to all this please help . i have computer i have downloaded aahk us and eu i dont no what that is but i did it i have a code saved i guess for goldcard but i dont no what to do with the damn code. please help .. my wife is getting mad at me said it consuming me .
    Is your free Google notebook a CR48? If so did you know about this Easter Egg in it?

    Maximum PC | Google Engineers Hide BSOD Easter Egg Inside CR-48
    Hello friend. I just flashed velocity .4 and my home screen button does not work and I can't open most of my apps...its says has unexpectedly I can't open rom manager or most other rooted apps along with most games. If you could help me I would greatly appreciative
    hi i kinda got my self in a bit of a problem here. I have been trying to find a way out of it and i stumbled upon one of your comments on someone elses problem and you sound like you know what you are doin and i was curious if you could try to help me out with my problem. Thanks
    Dots, I have a question about forum ethics. When suggesting to someone that they try the Ally IRC to get faster help with a problem, is it OK if I put a link to that post you have for it, which has a link in it to jump on the channel? I won't do this unless it is OK with you. It gets hectic enough on IRC; I would not want to flood you guys. :)

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