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  • You're a BEAST! THANKS SO MUCH for having made that 'Test Mode' guide for the LG Esteem! <3 Users like you are what make this SUCH A USEFUL and GREAT COMMUNITY! I owe ya' a couple of beers for that!
    hello, do forgive me for being an idiot! :) i just got the samsung s3 and i think it's a new one out. i tried the 2 listed/posted methods to no avail. i DL'ed the skip tool, and mine is not listed. i am afraid to try something 'close' as it might 'blow-up' something. info: carr: metropcs tele: sgh-t999n (the t999 = t-mobile, NO listing from anybody on the t999N) os: 4.1.2 build: jzo54k.t999nuvame4 i have done my Connect and Motion w/o a hitch. and YES, i did use the supplied usb cable... ;) i also tried in usb hub and straight to pc...same thing basic error is directory not found. as if new directory structure is in place... if it was a pc, i could do something...this is 'over my head'... any help/direction would be appreciated! thanks! ken :)
    hi i came across your youtube upload about the lg esteem being in test mode i followed the link that lead me here i was able to get my phone out of test mode but the signal is still messed up i cant get dll thing to work can you please help me i really want my phone to start back working until i can get a new one
    Hi buddy, long time no see!! You still messing with your NEXUS? :)

    I'm redoing my esteem right now... it had been getting extremely laggy, so I reflashed it to the stock debloat from LDRIFTA... I started messing with pimp my rom last night, and now I messed it all up lmao

    Thank god for CWM! :D

    Anyway, just wanted to say hey! :D
    hey buddy, was wondering if by chance you had a screenshot of you ICS Setting's... from the mod would like to know what the difference (in look n layout) between them, if you could shoot me a message it'd be appreciated
    Hey man I read your post on Do not do a factory reset and I read how to do a quick return to stock. My question is if I apply the Advanced CWM restore method can I unroot my phone and do the factory reset. If not can you email me the directions to downgrade my phone to B and back up to D in another format than .doc? Maybe PDF because my Office 2010 wont execute anymore and I can't read the directions. I know that is a lot to ask so I will understand If your busy. thanks
    If you want to send it to me the best way to do it would be to ship it through USPS. Shouldnt cost but about 6 bucks each way. If you wanna do that Ill PM you my address.
    Fuzzy iys me with the kreto with the steem on test mode
    so yeah well o rather send it to u but how and where do i send it
    get back at me fuzz
    It helps if you describe your problem in detail a little better than just posting "help" on my wall. Send me a PM with your problem.
    Currently, nothing lol. Just #2. I was planning on using your or ldrifta(ics). I was debating which I like best lol so hard. But if you add the background settings to yours then.. I'll be using yours :)
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