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  • PS. I've followed all your steps in forum but still SD card won't detected by my phone :( i've installed this custom rom before and it worked fine. I try installing another custom rom and still won't work. When I put my SD card in other phone, it work, but not in my X8 :(
    hi gabe, haven't seen you around recently..
    i've got a problem with my x8. It's "broken" I tried to reflash ftf file and it worked. Now I just unlock and install custom ROM again, yes it worked too.
    But my SD card won't detected :(
    Do you have any solutions? Thanks in advance :)
    Hey Gabe,
    As you told me in need GingerXperia REVOLUTION V4 if I want to switch to nAa kernel, but i can't find any thread about this ROM. Could you please give me the link to it ?

    And would you recomened to use this kernel ? Is it better the the stock kernel ?

    TNX again :]
    hi gabeyong,
    few days b4,i rooted my phn(successful) and installd rootexplorer..
    smwhr i read tat clockwrkmod z new vrsn f xrecvry..so i dwnlded tat
    it had META-INF and system folder>{xbin>>sh, bin>>recvry.tar,chargemon,charger)

    as it ws writtn in instrctn to cpy cntents f bth 'XBIN' n 'BIN' into /system/bin n grnt permissions..
    i did the same by clckn mount r/w..n pasted it

    Now rootxplorer shws Restrt App error..and wifi and odr thngs r disabld on phone..
    any .apk regrdng root access doesnt seem to wrk,evn wen Superuser app alows thm permissn

    #flashtool tried too..(not wrking nw)
    #tried to re-root..(not wrking)

    hey Gabeyong!!! i am Naveen and i posted a reply to the thread in GingerXperia... please see my reply and help me out (or) atleast tell me the best Gingerbread ROM (most stable and without any bugs and errors) and send me its link for downloading also... expecting ur kind reply and help!!
    hi gabeyong....

    I bought x8 recently Android 2.1.

    1st I love Sony thats y i boughts this.

    I know some issues going on this model, almost issues read it and confused about all that...

    I feel u are good in this phone to modify and if there is more upadates in this matter i want to get it. Thats why want ur advise.

    1) In which way i can install softwares in SD card.
    2) Wifi still disconnect with some networks.
    3) Which version is good for my phone 2.1 or ???
    4) Is that much good after install other ROMs.

    I am very happy if you can give me list of applications for daily use.

    thanks in advance & sorry for my bad english...
    Hi gabeyong, its me again..sorry for bothering u..do u have msn or facebook account so that i can add u..just wish to get ur advice and help in the future easily..hope u can understand..appreciate every help from u very much..thank you..
    hi gabeyong....
    sorry to trouble u...
    i find it difficult to use qwerty keypad, so i tried installing HTC ime (my favorite) on Gingerbread roms, they always force close..
    wher as all devs put this (htcime) on their froyo roms, y not on GB roms....
    pls help me,... do i have option...
    sorry again for the pain..
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