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  • my name is mohamed , live in Qatar , i had mobile with folowing info :
    brand : acer
    model : s 100 liquid
    firmware virsion:1.6
    baseband virsion : A1-02.01.03
    kernal virsion : 2.6.29
    build number :Acer_Liquid_2.000.48.emea_CuS4

    alas this mobile have alot of prob with it , so please i need your help with complete details with steps to solve following :

    1- battery is new but alas! it only working maximum 1 day ad half , i dont know why , i tried to go to 2G netwrok ,switch off bluetooth, WIFI , brightenss of screen , sound of dialing , but i dont know how to save battery charger .
    2- bluetooth alas ! doesnt matching with other types of mobiles such as nokia ,apple .. etc .
    3- i dont know anything about the world of androide ( programmes , how to make video call ,games ..)i hear about alot of amazing things about androide but i am just on the start of the androide way.

    please i need ways of solutions with full details , i am still in primary school ;) in androide,
    hi, pls help me. how can i upgrade my liquid ferarri eclair to froyo?
    build number

    im new with android and i want to upgrade so that i can store apps to my sd card...

    rhea (oblivion21)
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