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  • Just wanted to stop by and say Hi, ... Hi :) I got the esteem, probably not the best choice but fun none the less. Haven't rooted it yet but keeping up with the forum so maybe, ok I will when I get the ascend up and running. Bricked it about oh 5 or 10 times bahaha. Now Im having problems all together. Kinda why I got the esteem but it already has that reboot issue and cant find a call blocker that works.
    Enough about me, just wanted to tell ya Hi and thanks for all your posts , help etc.. Hope you have a good holiday week comin up. Happy Holidays
    i just flashed my 3rd ascend, including mine my dads and a friends, this one i did everything correct of coarse but the time will not change from 5 hours ahead and is set to automatic in my settings so i cant change it manually. how do i fix this?
    hey jazz im trying to flash my ascend back to stock i downloaded the file you put up but my computer cant find the file and it keeps asking me for a disk i no im doing something wrong sorry im new to all this can u pleas help
    jazzi ineed yr help! i no yr a busy lady so I'll be brief. i tried to flash my huawei asc. back to stock (hard reset/ wipe data)and now my phone is stuck on the android screen. i think i messed up big time. what can i do now?
    following your MetroPCS Huawei Ascend thread about Icarus 1.1.
    my phone is taking over 10 minutes for the first boot after installing Icarus.
    i gave up waiting, removed battery, and attempted to start it up again.
    same thing happens. what should i do?? please help.
    Hey can you help me with installing Icarus ? And what does it do to my phone ? & If i can use zeam launcher & all my apps ? I need to know everything please message me or something && I have metroPCS
    There has been so much talk about the Huawei ascend upgrade...I was at the corporate store last week to order a replacement and the guy behind the counter informed me that the 2.2 update will come out in April...this is Metro by the way. So many threads have talked about it and you are always a main part of the threads, so I was letting you know in case you wanted to post it.
    Hi jazzi u seem to be the one to talk to about the ascend. Mine is rooted I tried to run the icarsmod I only did one thing different I tried to do it without a computer. I got the clockworkmod reverted from 3 back to 2xxx but I can't get the rom to flash and phone freezes at hauwei screen help please
    hello jazziette. i requested you cause i'm looking forward to getting the ascend in a lil bit of time. i like to keep up with people who know what they are talking about and i admire your knowledge about this phone
    Hello Jazziette, I see that you are the one to come to for info on Huawei Ascend. I have had mine for a short period of time, and mostly a newbie on all this stuff. I would like to customize my phone, I had asw ex for a while, but it slowed down my phone tons, so I uninstalled it. I am afraid to do anything to my phone, but a lot of people say that if I root my phone, I can do a lot of stuff. I am scared to do something to it and #1 void the warranty, #2 throw my money I paid for this down the drain. How hard is it to do and what do you suggest for me. I really like the menus on the app I got, but it was just too slow. And my battery sucks, I have to charge every night, even sometimes durning the day too. Anyway, anything will help, Thanks.
    You have been a big help with all the issues...I need your help once again. I'm going to revert back to stock. ....once I do that am I going to have to root my phone all over again? I want to start over with the icurus mod but first I need to get the stock sms back. ..I've tried the other fixes but they are not working. ....will you walk me through whar I have to do. ..thank you very very much.
    > Jazziette : Welcome to my world, Starr! :D
    OMG NOOoooooo slowly turn around and RUN AWAY LOL
    " like a good neighbor state farm is there "
    Puf , back to my own lil world hehe :D
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