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  • I see that the Cm10 apns are all tmobile, i have another phone that is running cm10, I looked through the apns and found that there is a apn for metropcs , can i send it to you to help you edit the apns?
    As for the gingersteem 1.0, try the black plague rom. follow the settings i showed below when it starts up. Some kernels are built with some speeds that push your phone hard, causing those reboots most of the time.
    Try setting these in order, CPU Cores = 1, min = 192Mhz, Max = 1088Mhz, Governor = conservative. That should give you a pretty noticeable extension to battery life. (mine goes from ~6 hrs -> about ~14ish, normal use. If you play games quite a bit, it's normal if it chews threw the battery though because it's a little harder on the phone.
    Crap...I deleted internal sd and external sd now it says I haven't purchased it. By any chance can i give you the first 4 number and the last 4 numbers plus my name so that you can give me the apk once more?
    Hey Kanaida, I don't know what I'm doing wrong my phone reboots without a cause. I have GingerSteem 1.0 without a theme and your kernel. The phone lags then shuts down? Can you help me figure this out if you have time? Thanks.
    i know that the existing kernel works... but i think it would be a nice idea to make a ZVD homeless for us.. i see with the comment underneath me that everyone is asking for a ZVD homeless lol
    When I get some time i'll try to update it. For now the existing kernel does work on ZVD though :) some people reporting the best battery life they've ever seen, ever. lol
    hi my name is bobby and i bought your lg esteem optimizer the day it came out. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advise on what are the settings for kernal and system conf any input would be appreciated the app i use to over clock is andriod over clock and i have the custom kernel flashed with cwm thanks for your input.
    The lg optimizer does not need to be running at all times, after it applies the startup settings you're good. I would try unchecking the "battery options\lower cpu speed" checkbox and reboot. See if that helps. I've narrowed down slowdowns to bluetooth issues, i'm seeing if I can somehow manage to fix that via settings somewhere. Best thing to do is disable bluetooth, shut off phone and turn it back on. If you don't use it, you probably won't encounter that issue. There's also certain apps that are coded badly that can have this same effect.
    okay i know this question may be pretty stupid but its been bugging me, because i downloaded your LG optimizer app and my phone still slows down significantly at times. Do i need to keep LG Esteem Optimizer running all the time?
    I am intrigued as to how you can speed up your phone so quickly. I'm new to the phone and not really familiar with rooting instructions and whatnot, So I was wondering if you can walk me thru the steps personally. I have the LG Optimus T, so I don't know of it'll work the same as the Metro one. Either way if you could email me at diante.myres13@yahoo.com I'd be very appreciative :)
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