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  • I installed HTC DESIRE EVERVOLV ICS. I was having probelm as
    I can't install any new apps because I have no more space!
    I am having an ext3 . I did following:

    1. Open Terminal
    2. Type the following:
    a2sd install
    3 it asked you to move the cache, choose yes and go to step 9.
    4. Let the phone reboot 1 more time (Booting will take a lot longer the 1st time) and you're done!

    After booting it is really taking longer more than 1 hr. Pl suggest.
    Hey man, not sure I have the right guy but...if you're not the right guy then I guess it's a bit embarrassing haha but I just started to use the Smooth Star White icon pack that you created? (hopefully)

    Anyway i'm sure you get a shed load of requests per day to make specific icons or whatever but I was wondering, is there any chance that I could get one that says "camcorder"? If not could you let me know what font/drop shadow settings etc you used in Photoshop/Fireworks/Gimp/Other

    Cheers mate, much appreciated
    Dear Sirs,

    1)I am using Samsung galaxy IT5503 phone Eclair version, when i updated it to Froyo using Odin version it is now showing the number IT5500, Will it do any harm?

    2)Can I up grade it to gingerbread?

    As i am new to forum can you plz mark me a copy to sanket.sgk@gmail.com.


    Hi Lekky,

    My name is Kamarul Hashim. I am a PhD student from Auckland University of Technology (AUT), NZ. My research is about understanding what motivates people to continuously contribute their knowledge using online community. I would love to invite you to participate in my online focus group session. you can browse the following link (ONLINE FOCUS GROUP) to get some information on what i', doing. thank you.

    Hey Lekky....
    I have a problem with upgrading to froyo 2.2 for my samsung galaxy s kies is always giving me the message: no response from server. Please check your lnternet connection etc..

    Any clue
    Hi lekky,

    I read on some thread that you have the Samsung Galaxy S as well as the Desire. I remember you saying that you thought overall that the Galaxy S is the better phone. What in your opinion makes the Galaxy S better than the Desire??

    Would be very interested to hear your comments.

    I am thinking of buying the Galaxy S as a second handset.

    Hi lekky,
    I was comparing b/w HTC wildfire & Galaxy 3. I see you have both Galaxy S and Desire. What do you this is a better choice b/w wildfire and Galaxy 3?

    Hi lekky. I rooted my desire last week but have managed to get it stuck on the white htc start up screen and my recovery mode will not boot up. I can get into hboot but when i try bootloader it checks the sd card and comes up with wrong img file...! Im really new to this and really dont understand how it all works! I'm desperatly trying to find some help as i think i may have bricked my phone...! Any Ideas? Thanks for your time cheers Ryan
    Hi lekky. I have just rooted my desire but im getting quiet confused with the amount of different variations there are in ROMs and with flashing and Ive come to the conclusion that u really seem to know what your talking about. My phones rooted, but it seems that the only things i have are super user priv's and less bloatware, i still cannot save apps to SD which i want to and id also like to if possible update the ROM is its needed, is this called flashing? as everyone seems to be using froyo 2.2?

    thanks very much i know u must be busy
    all the best
    Lekky, RE: custom icons on the desire, few queries;

    1) what directory would i place the file in to? atm i just left it in the main root of my SD card, still in a zip file
    2) tried the method you posted in the homescreen thread, and when i scan my sd card for images it says nothing found. copied the icon i wanted to my phone memory and used it as the icon for contacts, however, when i placed the shortcut on my homescreen it came up with the standard icon?

    would appreciate your help mate :)
    eazy lekky, im new to htc n rooting....jus wondered if i cud ask a few silly questions...so here goes.. my desire is unbranded, any sim will work and it isnt installed with any networks software n browsers.....so does that mean i dont need a gold card aldso once rooted does this mean the networks cant block my fone like if i dont pay the bill lol cheers mate
    this root guide doesnt work for me mate. sorry.

    Go to start menu > select run and type 'cmd' followed by pressing Enter.
    Replacing <address> with the address you unzipped the file to, type cd <address>\android-sdk-windows\tools. eg cd C:\Users\Home\Documents\android-sdk-windows\tools
    Type 'adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid' and press Enter. You should get a very long number which looks like this: 532600bd227d9c0347329407514d5402.

    this portion is only the start and doesnt give me anything only an error stating that my adb is out of date, not found or something. is there a way that doesnt require a phd in android?
    lekky, can u help? im a new android user with my new orange desire. hating the branded rom and its obviously sim locked. not bothered about sim lock. just want the easiest and safest way to have froyo or stock 2.1 rom. thanks :)
    Hi Lekky,

    We're all having trouble with villain5.3 on our Hero's that are on Orange. Can't get MMS to work at all. We've followed all the 'fixes' but none work.
    Is your Desire on Orange?
    If so, could you pop by and let us know what the settings for MMS are off your phone please?
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