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  • Hey murzz... long time no see, mate! Life got a bit hectic. I dropped my N4 n killed it :(

    On the plus side, I've got an HTC One XL (4G version of the original One X), so can take advantage of 4G on EE and have just flashed the Lollipop factory images on my N7 :D:D
    Gonna hold off looking at new phones until I'm due my upgrade (March)... don't think I want to upgrade early either (in the hope that other networks start with 4G and the tariffs get cheaper) :)
    Alright murzz... sorry I never got back to ya! Been a little busy since I last messaged ya.

    Things are good mate... still got the DHD - just updated it to 4.2.1 (which is sweet)! :D
    Been a while mate! Hope the XE's treating you well!! When you due an upgrade? I'm counting down until March... gonna wait until the end of 2yr, rather than upgrade early, in the hope that Orange have brought out a couple of 4G phones (4G's due in Sheff before Christmas!!)
    Typing from the tablet at the moment... arrived this morning! Bad news about your mates phone... perhaps an outlet for your rooted dhd... not necessarily even have to flash stock if you explain to them about rooting/rooted devices!
    Sorry mate... hadn't seen your reply! Have taken the plunge... just waiting for my Iconia A500 to be delivered... got (what I think is) a bargain on ebay - 32GB for
    Just been over to the XE forum on AF, jeez i feel like old father time, post wise. On the tablet front, what you thinking of getting? I have the ASUS Transformer, pretty sweet bit of kit mate, think Pres picked one also, its worth a look.
    Nice one mate... sounds like a sweet phone! I'm waiting for my contract to run out... got another 13 months left to go... by the time I'm due for an upgrade, I'm sure there'll be some good stuff out by then! In the mean time, I'm looking at getting a tablet with any money I get for my birthday in March... that, plus flashing mcustom ROM's on my phone, should put me on for my Android fix until I get my upgrade!!
    It will be rooted as soon as i get my hands on it. This looks like the very thing i'm after.

    How to root your phone - HTC Sensation Forum
    Oh yeah... to use that method, you'd have to have a rooted phone... if you're ok with rooting, then you could have gone for it... it sounds like he's gonna get it unlocked by the network though, which means that it wouldn't be rooted... that would just mean that you'd have an unlocked phone that you could then look at rooting later, if you felt the need! :)
    To be honest mate, I'd have thought that you should have been able to... maybe not in older phones, but anything relatively new... I'd have thought that you should be able to interchange between Orange and T-Mobile... bit of a pain!

    I thought that Orange was a massive company, but someone was telling me at the weekend that T-Mobile bought them out (not the other way round), which is why they now share signal...
    No probs chief!

    If you want to tell if you're rooted, look for an app called Super User on the phone. It might not be there, but you could still have root. This will tell you for sure.
    Aye, downgrading was the hardest part, it's what stopped me doing it and caused me the most hassle when I took the plunge.

    From what I can make out, that tool works with any of the officially S/W releases of the DHD so I don't see why it wouldn't work. The OP of this thread has the same setup as you and it looks as though he did it without any problems.

    From what I can see, it's just a case of unzipping the download to a folder, running the cmd file from the command prompt and it will do the rest for you. There's a few pre requisites so have a read of the manual before hand.
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