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  • i need help again been a long time but i had to let my phone go for a bit well try to turn it back on and i couldnt get my old accnt back so i had to make a new boost acnt well now i can remember how to update the phone to my new boost acnt any help out there plzs?
    Hi todd, No I could not get all the information needed the nvitem partition is very well locked down, I did find the information but was unable to get it in a usable form for the new phone. I have not given up but it was put on hold.
    Was just wondering if you'd figured out any more info on using the prevail as a donor phone. If I read it correctly, you couldn't get it all the way working, but just wanted to verify that. Thanks
    hey i was wondering what does it mean when i press start with the bin file and dll on lgnpst it says ERROR: Unable to load component
    path = Version = HR= 0x80040154
    I just got it into LGNPST and I select dll it is named "LGNPST_Utility2.dll"

    is that ok?
    I need some assistance. I'm trying to change my default wallpaper on my Rom, I have changed it in the framework, but when I flash it, I end up with the boost mobile one. On Gingerbread, is there somewhere else I have to change it also?
    No it wont say hroark, or shabby, it will just say 2.6xxx
    I made a blend of hroarks and shabby's. it has the good from hroarks and a couple of things from shabby's and a couple extra tweaks that at the moment do not seem to make much difference in how it runs
    Okay got that. But I do have cwr and ee14 so I'm running Hoark's kernel? Cause when I look at about phone and kernel it says 2.6xxxx should it say the name of kernel I'm using. And what do you prefer?
    Yo opt I got a question about kernels. I'm running shabbymod with blue's 4.0. Does that mean I have a kernel or no. Cause I looked at phone info for kernel and it said
    2.6.9 or something like that
    And what exactly do kernels do
    Hi New Optimus - just a quick note to say thank you - I've learned quite a bit just by reading alot of your posts on here. And I agree with the others, you are always so very helpful to everyone. :)
    Thank you for everything man. You are a life saver and a great man. if there is anything you need Please do not hesistate to contact me. I would like to also continue to be your friend.

    Hey, are you busy right now? I'm currently having some issues with changing the download directory on my phone. if you can, I can get on team viewer and you can figure it out. Every time I try to change the download directory to something different, it keeps saying missing directory :(
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