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  • Hi, i have connection problem in my micromax a75. When my connection showing " E " this connection work normal. But, when the connection showing " H " for 3 - 10 minutes my phone lost connection with notification " Restricted Acces Changed " Can you fix it for me? Please
    I have an Android Micromax A75 phone and it recently found that and Voice Search immediately pops up! They are driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! They just keep popping up. I am trying to do something, no even a search, and it will pop up, I have to click home and start over. I am on my computer and my phone is sitting here next to me, it has popped up on the phone screen 9 times already. I am having trouble making phone calls etc. There also seems to be no way to get this off my phone. I have (10th time) IE on my phone browser (11)(12) and have thought about (13) deleting google all together (14) but when I went in my settings, you CANNOT uninstall instant search, google or voice search! (15). You can see how annoying 15 times in this one paragraph. I even put my phone on lock and pattern lock and it STILL IS POPPING UP FOR NO REASON! Please Please Help me before it makes me smash my freaking phone!
    Hi bro...
    i wanted to ask for a small favor... I have a moto backflip whose touch keys are not working due to flashing of wrong flash file. I have the orignal rom in SD and CWM installed, the problem is that the CWM select option is home button whch doesnt work. I Would be great if you could please tell me how to edit it to change select option by power button or etc or do it yourself. Regards!
    Hi Ninad,
    I need your urgent help.
    I have downloaded 26GB of cyanogenmod code and also downloaded kernel of 600MB.
    Not I want to build kernel for Micromax A75 rom.
    And for this i need its kernel configuration file.
    i.e. /proc/config.gz file

    Can you help me in getting the same?

    Thanks in advance.
    Free Up Ur Internal Memory *Move data/Dalvik-Cache to dev/ or system/ Partitions* - xda-developers
    I tried this for a70... didnt work... throw some light...!!
    bro !
    i bought mmx A73...
    works okeh..
    bt no Rom avail nt much info abt rooting..
    help please !
    upgrade to ICS by any chance possible ?? o_O
    plz help thnx !
    Hi Ninad
    I have previously also posted one query.. kindly answer my query if it is possible.
    I used CWM recovery after flashing with your new rom, then I installed jetmod3, fixed the permissions. Phone didnt boot up... no display. Then I again tried to use spflash tool provided by you but it didnt recognize the device. Found on some post how to unbrick a75... format/downloaded the phone... installed your rom. Everything is fine just that the IMEI number also got erased.. tried to reinstall the imei number using the and copying the contents of the IMEI folder in windows/system32 directory. executed it and it generated one file which I copied to the specified folder mentioned in the post (/data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001 (or similar)) but it doesnt work.. can u sort my problem.

    Thanks in advance
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